Analysis Of To This Day Poem By Mih Koyczane

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My two poems take the theme bullying and discrimination as their theme. The first poem is named ‘to this day’ by Shane Koyczane, the second is titled Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Shane Koyczane is a Canadian spoken word poet and writer. To This Day has a mass success as it tells Shane’s personal story of bullying. The poem takes bullying as its centre, using language that pulls at the hheartstringsof all that reads it. Paul Laurence Dunbar was an AfricanAmerican poet and gain national recognition for being one of the first poets of his race. Sympathy was published in 1899. I selected these poems because of their theme with abandonment and sadness, wanting to challenge myself and analysis these themes.

To This Day
I’m not the only kid
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“to make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their tool shed” describes Shane’s feelings of falling in love and it being taken away because of the bullying, he also uses the metaphor of a tool shed as a personal place where you ‘fix’ thing. He as well. He uses this simile to compare what that feeling is like. Another simile is “as if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called.” This compares the pain of broken bones to the pain of being called mean names. ‘So broken heart strings bled the blues’ another metaphor, meaning his heart cried out because of the pain of being bullied. When I first heard this poem, it made me feel sad and imagine what his life may have been like through those times. The final line is a statement made to ssummarizebut also give emphasis to bullying, basically saying “you cannot tell me that it hurts …show more content…
His poem tells the story of a caged bird and its experiences, the bird being a metaphor for his imprisonment and the oppression of African Americans. Racisms in the discrimination or a group of people based on their race, and sympathy takes this discrimination at its centre. Paul’s first line supports the bird being a metaphor for being a metaphor for Paul himself, “I know how a caged bird feel.” Comparing him and the bird together. The author also emphasises that the bird is caged, meaning it cannot fly away, taking away its freedom. The second line is imagery, the words creating the landscape. It also puts an image in the reader’s head of the bird not having access to this landscape. The next two lines continue to use imagery, putting emphasis on the physical aspects that the bird is caged from. This landscape may also be a metaphor for the privileges that white people received in that time. The last three lines focus back on the bird/Paul, he cannot go and be with the ‘first bird’ or smell the faint perfume. By repeating the first line again, Paul but identification on the bird sadness, claiming it as