Analysis Of Ptlls

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Analysis of PTLS Units 1 and 2

Whilst completing my work on units one and two of the Preparing to teach life skills (PTLS) quizzes I have learnt how to make significant improvements with regards to assisting colleagues and others and how to use best practice to prevent anyone from being injured whilst in the course of their ambulance duties. I have also learnt a lot about maintaining confidentiality and that a patient’s personal details / affects must be protected at all times.
I have also used the internet for research purposes and made myself more familiar with the YAS Intranet, and learnt how to access Policies and procedures if needed. I have learned specifically about the Data Protection Act, which from my role involves me keeping patients appointment letter, identification, house keys safe etc.
I have also learnt about the Health and Safety Act in that I have a responsibility for my colleagues and the patients and myself, and that my employer in this case YAS, also have a responsibility towards myself and my colleagues and providing the right safety equipment in order for my role to be carried out safely.
I learned about the Highway Code also within the unit, I learned that as a professional driver that I must follow the Highway Code at all times in order to give myself and any patient’s safe. I must obey all traffic signs and signals and I also have to ensure that any vehicle that I am using conforms to the requirements of the law in relation to the Road