Analysis Of What Bernie Madoff Don T Live From Me

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In this video, Matt Weinstein shares his experience of how he and his wife, lost thirty years of hard earned savings to his investor, Bernie Madoff. Weinstein and a host of others were scammed by Madoff. The whole essence of the video, to show how no matter how disastrous or hurtful , soothing affects someone negatively in life, one can still get out of it successfully, it only depends on how you view it. Weinstein attempts to illustrate this in the video, as he explains that, although he became flat broke in a second, from being a multi millionaire to a flat broke person, he refused to let that define his life. He explains and believes that life is way more than the money has in one’s pockets. With the current economic downturn and the current effects of the melt down, so many people are unhappy and cannot deal with the stress from either the loss of a job, slash in pay, slash of budgets, travel restrictions, loss in value of stocks, a drop in standard of living, e.t.c Weinstein explains that in a world life this, it takes more than money to survive and be happy. Weinstein says” Bernie Madoff stole our money, but he didn’t steal the rest of our lives”. What Weinstein means is, despite Madoff stole their live savings, he cannot steal the joy or the future of their lives. He believes that true happiness doesn’t come from the amount of money one has, but true happiness comes from deep down, how one views things in life. Also, that