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Report About Company and Entrant Selection
It is reported that for making decision regarding company selection and country selection for expanding business of a multinational company to make more profit, a group discussion is conducting between our team. Everyone come up with slightly different ideas and two different company names come into the picture, the Sainsbury and an automobile company Ford. The First one is neglected because another group is working on a same sort of company. Consequently, we all agree at Ford Company. The Next step is to choose a most appropriate country, where the company flourish and made a valuable profit. The ford company is working in Europe, but it is not making proper profit. As compare to Europe, the company works well in Asia pacific region. Therefore, it is concluded from this point that Asia is selected as a continent where the Ford should go for doing a valuable business. The names of much Asian country come under discussion like India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. I had a reading about the last three mentioned countries. I had gone through the statistical data of these countries and I would like to move in Malaysia as my first choice. The value for foreign direct investment inflow dynamism shows that there is a more room for investors to invest their money in this country because of many reasons. The value for Malaysia is 3.00 which indicate its openness and wealth of a country. Similarly same value for Indonesia is also I saw in my readings that is 6.50. This value shows the openness of a country for foreign investment. These value are helpful in making understanding about country’s policies and investor’s interests.
If we talk about the Asian countries then China comes first in our mind as strong economy. And Indonesia comes last as India, Thailand, and Malaysia. As a SWOT review, every country has their own strengths and weaknesses.
China has the best overall score of the emerging Asian economies covered by this report, while Indonesia has the worst overall score. However, as the SWOT review in Section III indicates, each country has its own Strengths and weaknesses and there are plenty of opportunities in the higher risk countries just as there are numerous threats that investors need to be careful of in the lower risk countries. In fact, while global investors are likely to grow increasingly nervous about China risks in the coming year, they are likely to grow more comfortable with Indonesian risks due to the reliability of the domestic consumer market and the relatively predictable political environment. (limited, 2013)
China stands alone as having the most interesting economic prospects of the seven emerging markets covered by this report, while the Philippines and Vietnam will have to work the hardest to attract foreign investor attention.
But as critically analysis china has their own automobile companies which gave the hard competitions to Ford Motors.
The Thai economy is resilient and has weathered years of political turmoil much better than most economists were anticipating. Overall GDP growth, exports, foreign direct investment inflow and tourism have all outperformed most forecasters in the public and private sectors.
Thailand is far ahead of other ASEAN countries in attracting foreign direct investment into the automotive sector and supporting industries. It also has a good reputation for attracting foreign investment in other export-oriented manufacturing industries, from consumer electronics to sporting goods to processed foods.
Thailand has a particularly strong medical industry that is turning into a major foreign exchange earner for the country and a generator of “medical tourism”. There are some weak points like power generation, but Thailand has relatively good physical infrastructure and is also more internationally