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Willie Malone
Professional Selling
Sell yourself script

Me: Hey how are today Mr….?
Me: My name is Willie Malone and I am a consultant for The 4PL group we are a forth party logistics services provider that has locations worldwide to offer you the most superior quality to all your supply chain needs
Me: We are a 4pl logistics company slightly different from a 3pl in means of which we offer services in all areas of travel your company may need to move the precious products of your company We have a have a trucking fleet, railroad connections , air transport, and even ocean freight management. We are one of the very few 4pLs worldwide we are known for our speed and low pricing if you do business with us you will never have to worry about being over priced to move your product to anywhere you want worldwide we even offer warehousing
Me: I just recently got back from San Francisco Apple is dropping a new product and having issues with moving their product to one of their newer locations in Dubai we actually had a ocean fleet that delivered to Dubai Mr. Bao the supply manager over their called and ask if we had anything over there and it just so happen to work out. Before that I was in shanghai helping Nike more efficiently get their shoes to stores because they had customer issues with prices sky rocketing.
Me: I have been traveling a lot lately those are just a few larger companies we have worked with. I’ve also done work with new era manufacturing out in Washington, Ron Edwards the Chief supply chain officer at cole hann in new work, Chuck Cassoli the global supply chain manger at Bose corporation and believe it or not he’s one hell of a golfer, and oh yeah we also were over in Sony’s headquarters helping mange their supply chain on the release of their Ps4 which if you notice went quite well. So as you may have noticed we’ve done work with quite a few different individuals our resume speaks for itself
Me: What exactly are your biggest issues that you are dealing with and you need our services for?