Essay on Analysis Report - Abercrombie & Fitch

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Abercrombie & Fitch
Fundamentals Of Retail Design
Group 03

Erik, Herr | I-Chu, Liao | Karan, Shah
Kuan-Ling, Tseng | Chen-Hua, Wang

This report intends to analyze the unique brand values, the distinct marketing strategies and the compelling competitive dynamics of Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), the noted American retailer of casual luxury wear. The purpose of this analysis being to understand the context and motives that drive brand A&F; to draw insights from it‘s past and current strategies and use these to launch a, new sneaker offer‘ within it‘s existing product ensemble.
For doing this, we‘ve researched the story of the brand; it‘s original and potential target market, it‘s financial
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To create models like the target audience many companies buy into the practice of “cool hunting” consultants. The consultants find trendsetters and leaders in schools, malls, and local hangouts.
Correspondents take pictures and interview people about their style and then seek patterns and themes from the trendsetters.
A&F is already very successful among teenagers in the United States. And as a group we strongly feel that the brand should maintain it‘s strong grasp on this market. Apart from focusing on youngsters, A&F should adamantly broaden it‘s business by marketing at an international scale.
“Think globally, act locally” should be the discipline of
A&F’s international business.

Brand Strategy


Abercrombie & Fitch owns a wide range of product lines that include shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, under garments, body-care products and accessories.
Together, these aim at providing young shoppers with a versatile range of fashion-forward products with a touch of fierceness.

A high-end image is the heritage of this brand.
The brand‘s name has an attached legacy due to it‘s history of selling high-end outdoor gear to affluent clients. This positioned the brand to have a unique value of retailing merchandise to the one‘s with a good taste. Through out it‘s journey in which it experimented with the brand strategy several times and experienced serious economic upheavals,