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Henry / Sheng Chung Lai

Screening product: Builders Special™ Generator - Fuel Tank Base
Company / Manufacturer: MPower
Detail: Weight: 148KG Length: 950mm Width: 625mm Height: 790mm Tank: 35Liters Approx. Running Time: 6.5 Hours
The reason why I choose this product:
I was wondering from store to store, looking for a clue for this assignment, a product can demonstrate Australian advantages like technology and natural resources – mining is developing, furthermore Australia has one of the largest rare earth element distribution, which can be used on magnet in motors, Assemble and tuning is a highly technological task, this is what I found – generator.

About Myself:
I was born in Taipei county, but raised in countryside around central-western Taiwan. As a traditional Chinese family, my parents are relatively enlightenment, by their influences, I have most of the Chinese cultural education, but not as conservative as most of its descendants. I love and willing to try new things, adapt new ideas, but still hold my principle.
I am the sole children in my family, those times I spent indoor while my parents were working, I put myself in books doodling and crafting, the rest of the times I played with neighbors and cousins live by, due to Urbanization, my life circle in elementary school were just the former and some other classmates.
Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my