Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of the Eagle Manufacturing Company Essay

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Case Name: Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of the Eagle Manufacturing Company

I. Major Facts
A. Ted Jones has been the supply manager for the Eagle Manufacturing Company for the past two years. B. Although Ted Jones has a great team of buyers, expediters, and support staff who carry out top notch work, the morale in Ted’s department is low. i. One of the senior buyer’s in Ted’s department, Bill Wilson, submitted his resignation. Bill accepted a position at another company where he will be paid substantially more although he will be doing the same work and will be under the same amount of stress. C. The previous month’s performance data for the office shows: 743 transactions, 98 percent with delivery on or
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For example supply management, manufacturing, and operations are related. New product development begins with the manufacturing department. The manufacturing department submits a materials requisition to the supply management department. If the manufacturing department does not give the supply management department sufficient time to compare costs in order to purchase wisely, the company will most likely pay higher prices for materials.
C. Eagle Manufacturing Company should hire a Director of Quality Assurance if they have not done so already. The Director of Quality Assurance would be involved in the development of new products to involvement in sourcing, supplier development, and qualifying the potential supplier. The Director of Quality Assurance’s objective would be to minimize quality problems throughout the supply chain thus minimizing problems other departments may experience. Although hiring somebody to handle quality assurance would be another expense to Eagle Manufacturing Company, hiring somebody to handle quality assurance would be like an investment. This person would ensure that the quality of a potential supplier is exceptional which would then create good quality work which would then increase profits for Eagle Manufacturing Company.
IV. Choice and Rationale
Eagle Manufacturing should first and most importantly focus on good communication within their departments and also make sure each department understands how all