Analysis: Waste and St. Albert Councilor Essay

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ANAP1005 Assignment
Complete this assignment BEFORE our next class
Submit a copy of your work (as directed by your instructor) AND bring a copy to class

Rationale for this assignment:
You’ve been working with a variety of tools to help you assess and construct arguments and opinions. The more you apply these tools, the more proficient you become at spotting weak arguments and constructing strong ones. This assignment provides you with another opportunity to practice applying the tools to both the analysis and construction of arguments. The assignment also provides you with practice in these key analysis skill areas: critical reading, critical writing and articulating an opinion.

Part 1: Express your opinion:
The expression of an opinion is actually built into part 3 of this prep work.

Part 2: Plan the task:
You are to analyze the argument of St. Albert City Councilor Sheen Hughes who believes that the City must make changes to its waste collection program. Imagine that you are a blogger/reporter working for the local newspaper, the St. Albert Gazette, and are writing a blog about your opinion of Sheena’s argument. You want to provide your readers with insight that will help them decide whether to support Sheena’s proposal.

Please bring a printed copy of your opinion statement to our next class.

Note: Complete the next 3 rows before you begin the task.
It helps us to apply what we learn from the previous tools and practice for constructing an argument and analysis. To enhance our efficiency when examining weak arguments.
Give us strong critical thinking, writing and reading opinions or arguments.

Part 3: Complete the Task:


You have studied a number of tools/techniques that can assist in the evaluation of an argument or point of view
The quality criteria listed on (and the rating system you developed based on these criteria)
Toulmin’s Model
The Ladder of Inference
Logical Fallacies

Your task (as blogger for the St. Albert Gazette) is to thoroughly evaluate an argument using any or all of the tools listed above (strive to use at least two of them). Once you’ve concluded your analysis, write your opinion about the validity and strength of the argument (the one you’ll post on your blog). Use the same tools listed above to ensure that your argument is strong.

You should also describe how Sheena’s argument could be strengthened. Be specific, e.g., don’t just say data is needed, explain what kind of data is needed. You can include this analysis in your blog, or you can provide it separately.


A few years ago, St. Albert instituted a comprehensive waste collection program aimed at reducing the amount of material sent to the landfill. The program has been successful in meeting its goals. The system includes three types of waste pick-up: material for composting (organic waste such as food scraps, garden waste, paper, etc.), recycling (glass, paper, some plastic, cans, etc.), and garbage sent to the landfill. All three types of waste are picked up at the curb. Recycling is collected weekly. Garbage is collected every second week. Composting is collected weekly in the summer and every second week in the winter.

Residents bag recyclables in blue bags, which they purchase themselves. The City provides each household with a garbage bin and a compost bin, which residents pay for. Residents can choose the size of their bins:
240 L waste cart (rate: $9.00/month)
Has a capacity of roughly four standard garbage bags
120 L waste cart (rate: $4.40/month)
Has a capacity of roughly two standard garbage bags
60 L waste cart (rate: $1.10/month)
Has capacity of roughly one standard garbage bag

St. Albert also has a Compost Depot, which allows residents to drop off garden waste. From mid-October to mid-November, the City does