Analysis: Why Athletes Are Overpaid

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“Professional football,baseball,basketball, and hockey players all tend to be in the $2 million to $5 million a year range.” Jesse Edelman in the article “Athletes make a lot of money” shows that athletes make more money than an average person. Makenzie Carro writer of “You Can't Put a Price on Talent” has a different view on the subject. Mackenzie feels that athletes are not overpaid and deserve the money they make.
Even though some Athletes make more money in a year than average people do in a lifetime. There are a lot of families in this world that make a below average salary. These athletes are making a salary that is way above an average salary for a family ($54,000). People think athletes are overpaid because they are just simply playing a game. If athletes actually did something that would prove to the world that they deserve to be paid $2-$5 million a year. “Many Americans will work a full-time job until they are about 70 years old and not make as much.” This statement shows that an average American citizen can work for his/her hard earned money and still not make
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Firefighters, Police officers, Ems,Marines etc. All these people wake up everyday knowing that they could possibly lose their life for the career. Athletes wake up every morning and think about what time they have practice or what time the next game is. The people that risk their life everyday definitely deserve more than they make. “ Do we value entertainment more than heath and and safety? Is competition more important to us than compassion and public services?” This is a line from Jesse Edelman's “ Athletes make a lot of money’’ Jesse is attempting to make it clear to the reader that our country's health,safety, and public services are much more important than playing a game for a living. Meanwhile, athletes are barely risking their life and making million of dollars a year for