Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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William He
Mrs. Murr-Pinsker
English 8, Period 6
13 March 2017
College Athletes Should Not be Paid Imagine a college athlete making money for the school. What happens next? The school funds more athletes and the college athletic programs give out more rewards. Gradually, the school is going to make more money than the college athletic programs. Is that the point of college sports? Clearly, college sports is to make the athletes go into their sports and enjoy their sport, but if college athletes are making money for schools, they’re going into making money for their school, in other words, for themselves. College athletes should not be paid because the vicious circle of athletes making money to schools becoming rich and athletic programs give
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According to, “College athlete programs cannot afford to pay college athletes” (Anderson). Considering the fact that “there is a lot of money coming into some college athletic program, [but] there is just as much money going out” (Anderson), it is reasonable that college athletes should not be paid - where does the money come from? More specifically, who instead of college athlete programs will pay them? Moreover, you can’t just simply pay every college athlete in the same sport the same amount, because it’ll be unfair. Consider this example: what if an athlete “works” really hard and gets the same amount as the other “workers” that don’t “work” as hard, or if an athlete that almost doesn’t “work” at all but gets more pay than the regular …show more content…
“College athletes should recognize that the opportunity they have to play in college is something that millions of people dream of and never achieve” (Anderson), and yet college athletes often only care about what they could get and not what they already got. “[College athletes] should feel the thrill of their victories and the pure agony of being defeated. This is the heart of the game in college, and doing it for any other reason, such as money, lessons the dreams of those who want to be in the same position” (Anderson). If college athletes play the game for money, then they will want to get more money and be a coach. Since he played the game for money, he only caring about what they could get, which is shifting their focus from academics to making money. Once one college athlete starts to make more money, more athletes follow. Bob Williams, vice president of communication in the Nation College Athletic Association, stated: “Paying college athletes would force many schools to make tough choices and field fewer athletic teams” (Williams), and it will also crush another hundreds of thousands of students’ dreams. "I think we're underestimating the value of a free education” (Duggan). The value of education cannot be measured using money, yet so many college athletes see the free education as an opportunity to make more