Analysis of Anthony Eaton's A New Kind of Dreaming Essay

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Q. "Anthony Eaton portrays the issues of the abuse of authority and power through chracterisation". Discuss this statement providing close references to the novel.

Characterisation is a vivid description of a person's appearance and character. This is presented through their actions, speech or thought. The novel 'A New Kind of Dreaming' by Anthony Eaton uses characterisation to portray the issue of abuse of authority and power through the antagonist Sergeant Butcher. Sergeant Butcher is a powerful high ranked policeman in the isolated town Port Barren. The author urges us to question whether we would report the crimes with the repercussions that would follow, or to keep quiet.

Elliot Butcher is the small town, Port Barren's
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That girl wasn't the first person Butcher killed that day, and if you keep asking questions there'll be another body somewhere out in the desert for us to look out for. Now do us all a favour, piss off and mind your own business, okay?" he revealed too much. Butcher was then informed about this conversation by the barman of the pub where McPherson and Jamie spoke. Later McPherson is found dead. McPherson behaved cowardly as he abused his power and authority as a policeman, by not fully doing his job and failing to bring criminals like Butcher to justice.

Jamie Riley is the central character in this novel. Jamie was first seen as a victim because he was blamed for things he didn't do. He was then seen as a protagonist because he didn't let Butcher intimidate him and was proactive in trying to expose Butcher in what he had done. When Jamie doesn't back down, Butcher was concerned that Jamie would uncover the truth and expose him. Butcher accused Jamie of vandalism and when Jamie denied this he was put in the back of Butchers truck for a long time without water. When he woke up he was in hospital, speaking to Lorraine he thought he could do something about Butcher. On page 73 he said "I could do him for that."
"What do you mean?"
"You know report him. Officially."
"You could try.' There was skepticism in her voice.
"You don't reckon I'd get him?" these quotes are examples of the start of Jamie's quest for justice. This eventually leads to him finding the