Analysis of "Ghosts" by Naomi Wood Essay

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“Ghosts” by Naomi Wood

We have a choice in life. A choice that is going to define our lives. You can either live in the moment, or you can live in the past. You can be a ghost in your own life, or you can be the creator of it. What is time? What is age? And can we even count these things? Fyscicans constantly find new discoveries about time, particles and these sorts of fysician things. Making us question what time means, and how to count it. The question is more likely what we do with our time, our years of life, because one day it can all be over, and you spent your last day on this earth, reminiscing about yesterday. What you could’ve have done, what you should’ve done, who you should’ve become. Instead of thinking of what we can
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After a car crash, she gets this near-death-experience, that wakes her up. Wakes her up to the thought that instead of complaining about turning older, she should be happy that she was still alive. The setting is therefore relevant in this story, because it’s a place where a lot of us come daily. The car. It is not my coinsedence that Wood picked the car to be the setting in this story, she had a clear idea about this one. The car is one of the most dangerous places we can be, because people die in the traffic everyday. With this she shows how life is precious, and that we have to appreciate it, because it could be over anytime. The car is also a means of transportation, which could be a symbol of how we just ‘transportate’ through life. We just go from one stage to another. We don’t stop up, to live in the moment, we just go from one moment to the other, reminiscing about the old moments. This is where the name of the story plays a role. When we were children, turning older was the coolest and best thing we knew. When you come to a certain point in life, you don’t want to become older. You start thinking about death, and how time flies, and you didn’t use it well enough. You don’t want to leave the idea of your youth. Your past becomes a ghost. This is the ghost we meet in this story, the ghost of the past. The ghost that everybody meets through life, maybe even everyday: Then she would be knifed awake by the thought that