Analysis of International Hrm in Coca-Cola Company Essay

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Human resources management is widely apply in any organization and corporation recently. What is Human resources management (HRM) or what so importance of it? According to Wall and Rees (2004, p.276-277), cited by Poole (1990) people are greatest asset for an organization, consequently; poor human relationship will create conflict and lead to poor performance toward the company. Noe, Holienbeck, Gerhart, and Wrigt (2006, p.5) said that HRM is a strategic, policies or practices to influence the people in an organization toward their company mission and vision. Thus, HRM is responsible for HR planning, recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation, employees relation, safety and healthy, and
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Hence, the company have to plan for their employees before arrange them to oversea subsidiary. According to Rai University (n.d) IHRM will be concern their employees personal life in host country such as their cost living, taxation, school for children, hotel and accommodation, allowances and so on.

However, for DHRM the services for employees’ family are limited. Thus, with the different operation of HR policy will help to reduce the conflict between the staff and the organization.

IHRM is only exist when a company business become globalization trade such as Coca-Cola Company (Wall and Rees 2004, p282). Furthermore, IHRM does not concern any activities in single countries like DHRM. Hence IHRM will comparison the performance and employees skills and commitment in few countries like US and UK.

HR department have to build up their relationship with the host government servant to prevent interruption in cases delay or reject from applying work permit (Rai University). While (Noe, Holienbeck, Gerhart, and Wrigt 2006.p643) indicated the different country will have their own rules and regulation such as recruitment policy and compensation policy. Therefore, IHRM playing an importance role to prevent the conflict happen toward the Coca-Cola Company.

In the other way, DHRM usually not much stress