Analysis of Mars Model and Individual Behavior in Xyz Company Essay

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An organization’s behavior determines by culture, structure, leadership, internal and external factors of organization; therefore, the manager must be able to recognize and react to the factors in order to achieve the organization’s goals. Human behavior in the organization is complex and it differs from every individual to another. Organizations face challenges to match the task, manager and subordinate in an efficient and effective way. Manager or Management in the organization should analyze the tasks, required skills and assemble a team that match each other skills; therefore the management can create an enrich and conflict free team which need to perform the job well.

This report is based on XYZ Company’s challenges
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• Motivation through Reinforcement

- Positive: (Appreciation, understanding stress levels associated )

The manager can use positive reinforcement techniques like appreciation, recognition, to encourage the employees to continue their effective performance.

- Negative: (Reprimand, Demotion)

This is the last method used by the manager when all of the above methods fail to deliver any results.

ii) Ability Both the natural aptitudes and learned capabilities required to successfully complete a task Individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in job. An individual’s overall abilities can be categories into two abilities. • Intellectual ability Ability which is needed to perform mental activities such as number aptitude, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, Inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial visualization, memory • Physical ability Ability such as strength, body coordination, stamina In order to perform a given job effectively there has to be correlation between ability and job profile. If there any mismatch between those it will lead to inefficiency.

iii) Role perception Employees have clear role perceptions in three ways. 1. understand the specific tasks assigned to them: They know the specific duties or consequences for which they are accountable. 2. -stand the relative