Analysis of Maxine Hong Kingston "No Name Woman" Essay

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Chapter I
1.1. Background of study
Adultery defined as a sex relationship between a married woman and a man other than her spouse or a sex relationship that usually happened also between unmarried couples in their relationship. It is actually the same as stated in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; adultery is a sex between a married person and someone who is not their husband or wife (18). Indeed, Adultery sometimes becomes something crucial in our society. As an addition, in certain societies or cultures, it considered as an illegal relationship or we can say forbidden against norm or belief in societies or cultures itself. Like what the writers have discussed above, that adultery has a strong relationship to
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The purposes are: 1. Enrich the reader's knowledge of understanding feminism and its application in a literary work. 2. Help the other writer who also interested in No Name Woman to understand its contents, especially in term of literary feminism. 3. Help the researches who want to analyze No Name Woman on other topics. 4. Give more information and knowledge about term of feminism for the writer. 1.6. Theoretical approach
The theoretical approach that the writers use to analyze the perspective of Chinese society toward woman adultery in No Name Woman is feminism approach. Whereas in feminism approach that stated by Virginia Wolf in book Literary Criticism an Introduction and Practice, Woolf declares that men have and continue to treat women as inferiors. It is the male, she asserts, who defines what it means to be female and who control the political, economic, social, and literary structures (181).
Based on the book Charles E. Bressler Literary Criticism an Introduction to Theory and Practice, the writers found that the core in view of feminism is upholding the equality between men and women, and how all people have equal rights in public life without any pressure (Bressler 178). Then the writer tries to analyze and understand feminism Chinese culture's view of women who commit adultery in the short