Analysis of Maxtrade Case Essay

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Analysis of MaxTrade case

MaxTrade seems to have lost any IT strategy it once had. They have a fractured IT department that has been mismanaged and has no direction. There are so many problems that it would seem difficult to grab a handle and get the IT department back on track. Fortunately the situation is so bad the temporary CIO can work on a blank slate to organize, prioritize, develop and lead the department.

Getting the department on the right track includes the following next steps:

Strategy- Decide on an IT strategy that will be followed but allows some flexibility as technology and needs change. Set up goals and define objectives for the IT department that align with overall company objectives. Review these objectives
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Communication- having an effective communication plan is a key success factor. • Provide updates to employees at MaxTrade regarding any new initiatives being undertaken- Create some excitement about upcoming IT projects that will benefit the employees • Insure the proper support mechanisms are in place so employees can get quick and accurate answers to questions regarding applications and other processes managed by IT.

The above outline provides guidelines for activities that should occur in the first few months of the MaxTrade IT turnaround. Some of these activities are ongoing and some are decision-related activities. The decision-related activities need to be made quickly so precious time is not wasted. Getting the IT department at MaxTrade on the right track involves creating a culture and a model that is engaged with the business, is proactive, is productive, is forward looking and adds value to the rest of the organization.

Projects: (Project Management)
Any projects that are planned and being worked on must fall squarely into the new IT strategy; whether these projects are infrastructure upgrades, new business applications or system changes to support business processes.

The planning phase of a project is the most important but typically the most poorly executed phase of project management. Proper planning must become a priority for any projects at MaxTrade. Internal IT