Analysis of Mountain Sound in the Context of Journeys Essay

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Journey Portfolio

Mountain Sound
Of Monsters and Men
September 2nd, 2012

“Mountain Sound” is a song performed by Icelandic indie pop band Of Monsters and Men which was released as a second single from their debut studio album “My Head is An Animal.” Written by Arnar Rósenkranz, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar Þórhallsson, it tells the story of a character who commits a crime or action that opposes the values and cultural norm of his society. He then flees from the area to escape capture by the authorities and take refuge in the forest and mountain sound. Along the way, the character also runs into creatures that threaten his existence and therefore is forced to travel only at night to avoid visibility from any
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Apart from that, the travellers have to face obstacles along their journey; both having to travel through vast distances which itself is laden with other adversities that extend its difficulty. In Rabbit Proof Fence, the girls are forced to journey through harsh terrains with insufficient supplies and a professional tracker hot on their heels. Likewise, Mountain Sound features a long distance to the desired refuge further laden with the sense of guilt from the traveller’s previous actions.

Just as Rabbit Proof Fence features a narration in the Aboriginal language that projects a sense of belonging and extracting the prejudice of the audience to the Aboriginal point of view, Mountain Sound uses first person language to connect with the listeners as it appears to be accounted from personal experience rather than sophisticated words phrased beautifully into neat packages of rhymes and rhythms.

Last but not least, the paradoxical statement in Mountain Sound “sleep until the sun goes down” actually explains how in order to remain unseen, it is essential to travel only during the night, therefore creating a brief pause in a listener’s interpretation of its meaning. Similarly in Rabbit Proof Fence, the