Analysis of Organizational Behaviors in Glengarry Glen Ross Essay

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Organizational Behavior

Final Paper-Organization and Management Analysis of the movie: Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 film adaptation of a play by David Mamet. The film depicts four salesmen pressed to sell the Glengarry Highlands and Glen Ross Farms real estate properties. It is assumed that Mitch and Murray, the unseen business owners, are unhappy with the sales performance of the office, as they send a motivational speaker, named Blake.
Blake (played by Alec Baldwin) is sent to challenge the staff. Blake is merciless in his criticism of the salesmen. Blake holds a stack of cards containing contact information of people interested in the property. He waves the stack of potential leads
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His outdated techniques do not endear him with new potential clients; instead, they distrust him and distance themselves from the hard sell tactics and old sales pitches. Greenberg describes the expectancy theory is the belief that effort multiplied by performance will lead to reward. (Pg 230). For Levene, he is putting forth the effort but his expectancy of reward is not working; his efforts are not returning a reward. He becomes increasingly desperate to make a sale. He is driven by his desire to keep his job and earn an income to cover the cost of his daughter’s medical needs. He franticly attempts to buy the leads from his manager but doesn’t have the money to complete the deal. In full desperation, he agrees with another sales staff to burglarize the office to steal the leads; the plan is to sell the leads to a competitor. Under stress and frustration, he berates his manager. He tries blackmail to gain power over his manager; only to expose his misdeed and guilt. He fulfills the lower performance expectation which is more evidence of the Golem effect.
Ricky Roma (played by Al Pacino) is the top salesman in the office; he has no doubt that he will be the top seller and the Cadillac Eldorado will be his. Roma is a smooth talker. He uses his skills to gain his clients trust and develop a relationship with his client. He plies his client with drink