Essay on Analysis of Pret a Manger

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Prêt A Manger is Britain’s most environmentally friendly food supplier and specializes in fresh sandwiches and drinks containing no chemicals.
This report will be taking a look at internal and external factors the company positively and negatively. The report will include what they do well and not so well? What issues are affecting the company at present and in the future?
In order to assess the company and possible future strategies it is necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis.
What is SWOT and PESTEL analysis? SWOT analysis is the strategic planning method used to the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a business. And on the other hand PESTEL analysis stands for political,
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This shows social responsibility and ethical trading on their part, but was compromised last year when they import salmon from Chile when there were closer places like Norway and Scotland. Also had to change to tuna fish caught with by fishing vessels with pole and line, rather than purse seine fishing which causes wastage of rare species going extinct according to environmentalist. This means Pret care a lot about their environment. * Work mobility and working under pressure seems to force people to out to eat and drink rather than cook at home for themselves. All though the recent credit crunch affect customers by making their own food or eat at a cheaper shop. But now that we are leaving the recession, customer will go back to their normal habit of eating out and increasing their sales * The diversity of the UK population showed the following, white 92.1%. mixed race 1.2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistan 1.3%, Black Africans 1.5%, Chinese 0.4% etc. The diverse population has different taste and preferences which will affect the consumer base of Pret because they specialize on the narrow but profitable segment of the market, mostly sandwiches.
3.4. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS * Technology has helped Pret A Manger to be more environmental friendly. The company uses electric vans for deliveries and wind energy for generating power. * With smart phones been the in thing now, Pret can