Analysis of the 1927 Film Wings Essay

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Jack Powell, the main actor starred by Charles Rogers is a young teenager who dreams about flying on the sky. Jack’s character requires Charles to be funny, bright, cheerful person and full of American spirit. From the beginning of the film, it shows that Jack’s personality is to make fun to the audience and make us more enjoyable to the movie. There are two scenes in the film I want to share with, the first scene is Jack found out he shot down David’s plane, the second scene is Jack and David studying the map before taking off in the last flight, after Mary got caught in Jack’s room. First, I want to talk about the three basis rules that actors should behave when they are on film, which is objective, obstacles and actions. …show more content…
In other words, which is substituting the real life experience or feeling to the film, this tool is also a kind of presentational acting, which bring us the truthful and real emotions. In this scene, when David passed away, Jack’s cried and embraces his body, and later when he moving David’s body to the car, his emotional responses is so true, so honest, and so real and show how sad he was. Another powerful acting tools of the craft of Acting is “The Magic If”, which is when the actor don’t know how to portrait a specific character, he or she will ask themselves a question, such as what would I do if am in the situation that the character is facing. In this scene, Charles need to portrait a scene that he shot down a German fighter and found out that the pilot is his best friend David instead of an enemy, he need to ask himself what if I accidentally shot my best friend, how would I behave? It is a kind of motivation that helps Charles to personalize this character and to connect his situation, and it turns out the emotion is so truthful and real. The second scene I want to talk about is when Jack and David studying the map in the room, the scene after Mary got caught in Jack’s room. In this scene, Jack and David show how physical actions attribute to their friendship. When David asked Jack to take his decoration back to his mother, because he