Essay on Analysis of the Cell Phone Industry

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The cell phone industry is a competitive market and will increase continuously. The profitability of individual companies is driven mainly by their ability to develop new products, providing better service and making their products affordable for consumers. Profitability of companies is achieved also by taking advantage of product marketing, access to capital, and by inquiring the expertise to improve the cell phones.

The profitability of the cell phone industry depends on the number of consumers they can attract. The profitability of the cell phone industry is dependent on the volume of consumers they can attract. The cell phone industry looks strong and competitive between the
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The future of the mobile phone industry

Our society is highly attached to the new technologies which will make this industry more attractive in the future. Many of the functions that were usually covered by other products such as emails or work related functions (usually covered by the PC’s), however now these options are available in the mobile phones. The need of being in contact with the real world at all times is now mandatory. Nowadays, checking the email or the social networks is becoming more and more necessary for people, and these new trends makes the phone a vital part of their lives.

The development of the new technologies is being adapted to the mobile phones, making them very sophisticated and improving their performance. This will make it possible to the phones to even substitute a digital camera, a computer or even a GPS device.

Besides, the phones are also focused on the entertainment sector. The number of applications is growing and becoming very popular among customers.


As a conclusion we could say that the industry of the cell phones, is highly attractive and its attractiveness will continue to grow thank to the advances in technology that are making the cell phones easier to make and very sophisticated in terms of design and services. The cell phone is seen as a basic need, almost a commodity and due to the globalization and increasing importance of communications worldwide, the main functions that