Essay about Analysis of the Film "Inside Man"

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Patrick Carruthers Neupert – Film Studies
The True “Inside Man” “Inside Man” was released in 2006 and would later become the highest grossing film for the director Spike Lee. The film is a crime-drama, located primarily in a bank in New York City run by multi billionaire Arthur Case. Although the film is a thriller and contains bits of action and suspense, the movie focuses heavily on the difference between good and evil. The movie begins with a shot in medias res of Clive Owen’s character Dalton Russell explaining the difference between being stuck in a tiny cell and being in prison while he moves around a small room
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Her confidence and intimidating demeanor are further enhanced when the spectator first aligns her with a profession of somewhat dishonesty and corruption based on the way she asks her client about “business” with his uncle and what he’ll be doing in the city. This shady view aligns the spectator with a negative attitude towards White, and because of her hiring from Case, the viewer once again sees that Case uses his “inside” connections to watch his own interests. White later meets with Case and sets out to acquire access into the bank where she can attempt negotiations with Russell for the retrieval of the documents. In order to do so she uses her political influence to sway the mayor into bribing Frazier with a promotion in order to gain access into the bank. This once again aligns the audience to White as someone in a corrupt position of power and creates sympathy for Frazier who desires to remain an honest detective but is essentially being forced to break protocol, creating further allegiance towards Frazier and although Case is not directly shown in this scene, resentment towards him is enhanced when the audience aligns Frazier’s misfortune to Case’s necessity to conceal the truth. Through the entire film White is portrayed in an entirely objective view, in which she merely seems to be doing what she calls business, and although her actions are dishonest and corrupt, the audience does not ever truly develop a strong negative or