Analysis of the Short Story "Icebreak" Essay

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Ice break - English essay
Ice Break is a short story written by Astrid Blodgett. The story is told in a first person narrator and is from the main character Dawn's perspective. Dawn are at a ice fishing trip with her dad and her younger sister when the car falls into the water and her dad tries to safe them.
The story is about a girl named Dawn and her family. Dawn, her father and her younger sister are going to ice fish with their uncle Rick as a family tradition. Her mother doesn't want go and her older sister is babysitting a kid down the street. The mother warned the father about going because it was late season and the ice wasn't good, and that's the reason she doesn't want to go, but in reality its because the parents have a
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She sees him trying to safe her and her sister from dying which shows Dawn that he really do love her. "He's forcing me out of the truck, but I grab him, first his head, then his shoulders, and hold on as hard as I can. I don't want to go without him" (Page 5) This is the moment the ice breaks between the two of the them because he sacrifice himself for her.
The main theme in the short story is properly unspoken love between Dawn and her dad. Through the hole story the narrator describes the father as if he doesn't care about the relationship between him and Dawn because he feels he can't talk to her. But in the end when the father are trying to save Dawn and Janie you see him all differently. He is now a father who is afraid of losing his children and tries to do everything in his power to safe them. That shows that he truly loves them even though he might not show it normally.
In conclusion you could say that this story is actually about how a daughter and her father never really knew how much they meant for each other before it was too late. The message of this story is never to take anything for granted especially not your family and also, to remember to show people that they matter to you while you