Essay Analysis on Deodorant Market of India

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K.J.Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research Marketing Management Deodorant Market of India - An Overview (Main Brand Studied – Dove)

Submitted to: Professor Kiran Sharma

Submitted by: Sneha M Zawar PGDM (Communications) Roll no: 60

05 – August – 2012

Contents Overview of Market: 2 Market Statistics: 3 Case Study: Dove 5 History: 5 Origin: 5 Segmentation 5 Target: 6 Positioning : 6 Unique Sellng Proposition : 6 Milestones: 6 Advertisemnt, Distribution and Selling : 6 Price Postioning : 7 Growth Prospects: 7 Competitor Analysis : 7 Trends of Indian market 8 Fall gaps and Forecast: 9 Sources and References 9

Overview of Market: In tropical
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* Women Deodorant market has grown at approximate growth rate of 40% in last 2 years, with this growth, there is immense potential for brand to penetrate in the market
Competitor Analysis : * Main brands in the female deodorant category are Spinz, Nivea, Eva, Sure, Adidas, Nike and some Secret Temptation and Fogg. * Dove has launched different varients of deodorants to compete with different brands on various lines. * Adidas, Nike has antiperspirants and targets higher and higher middle class consumer, since the product has high brand value it has got a brand conscious and set customer which is challenge for Dove, to compete with these brands it has got antiperspirants like ‘Dry Silk’ * Spinz and Eva positions its product for youth on the lines of Freshness and Flamboyance, Dove has very different positioning altogether but it has introduced varients called DOVE FRESH with lemon grass and cucumber extracts which may target females choosing deodorant for fragrance and freshness.