Essay on Analysis on the Movie Instinct

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Instinct –About A Mere Illusion
One of the two main characters in this movie is Dr. Ethan Powell, an anthropologist. The study of primatology is present in this movie, because Dr. Powell is shown several times living with the mountain gorillas. He gains their trust by adapting to the way they live and interact. I think a little bit of cultural anthropology is also present because although he is studying primates, I believe they have a culture and Dr. Powell has adapted to their nature.
The second important character in this movie is Dr. Theo Caulder, a psychologist. The first sub field of psychology that is present in this movie is cognitive psychology. We are introduced to Dr. Caulder while he is interviewing a patient who is
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He always gives the Ace of diamonds to a weaker inmate so that the bully inmate can steal it by scaring them and getting the time outside every single day. The guards determine who gets to go outside everyday and all the weaker inmates have to give up their chance because they are to scared to fight back. Thus, diverting all their negative energy towards each other and leaving all the guards at peace. Throughout the movie, Theo is asked by Ethan if he is really free? I think Ethan is referring to when he was living with the mountain gorillas. They were living at peace and harmony and that is what felt like freedom to him. They never fought with each other and only took what they needed, preserving the environment. He was asking Dr. Caulder if living the way he was, was what he considered to be his freedom.
I think that the movie's focus on true nature of human existence was excellent. It portrays us just like we are in real life. We are arrogant and have a great sense of entitlement. Ethan has divided humans into two groups. There are the “Takers and the Tribesmen,” also referred to as the “Civilized and the Pre-Civilized.” The Takers in the movie are the Guards, the Poachers, and the Warden (all forms of authority). They are dominant and have a God-like syndrome thinking they are superior to everyone else including other humans and animals. The Tribesmen in the movie are Dr.