Risk It To Get The Biscuit

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Risk it to get the Biscuit
Like a force applied to an object to make it move, motivation arouses an Individual to act towards a desired goal, elicits and sustains certain goal directed behavior. The desire for power, Independence, vengeance and acceptance drives actions. My dreams and aspirations constantly moves me to keep struggling but negative thoughts, anxiety about the future, doubts and depression constantly creep in and discourage.
During my High school days, my desire was to be the best. But to be the best I had to take out the best. I then decided to do research on the requirements to be the best student. This research albeit peripheral revealed I was lacking in some of the qualities required to be the best; I had to be socially active, confident and outspoken. After glancing through, I could only say, ‘Wow, this is really serious.’
Seeing the challenge ahead of me I decided to relate more with a fellow student who I considered to have a value addition. I also extended my periods of studies beyond the regular hours I usually read. I had to strike an appropriate balance between being socially active, manifesting confidence and being outspoken. It was tough, but by the end of the fourth week, I had made a commendable improvement. Nimatallah, a friend of mine, helped me improve on my social contact. We decided to launch a club (Jet club). To encourage the participation by fellow students we organized a science fair. At first, the principal was reluctant to say yes but with the intervention of a teacher she finally consented. As I sat preparing the exhibition program for the fair my aunt walked in and said, “You have been stressing yourself lately.” But upon seeing my determination to make it, she glanced through the papers I littered on the table, shook her head and said, “Anyways, you risk it to get the Biscuit, work hard to get any good thing.”
The fair was a