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Eli Gruenberg
Period 2

International Politics The struggle and complexity of dealing with climate change in modern and developing nations took a big step in Lima, Peru where 190 countries reached a basic international climate treaty. This treaty recognizes that responsibility and action must be taken by each and every country. This political act, of bringing nations together and taking collective action, is aimed at producing the highest good. The highest good being maintaining earth as a sustainable planet for humans in the future. In an ideal world, governments selflessly attain what is rational for everyone. However the world is not ideal and people become lost in their own self interest.
While international law and environmental action are truly needed in our world, they aren’t realistic. The future of this treaty is questionable. Politicians are prone to benefiting themselves(Luna’s Maxim). Leaders who ignore climate change do it because it will not affect them individually. They know that the real effects of climate change won’t present themselves within their lifetime so they avoid taking responsibility.
Politically, humans have never been successful in establishing stable, enforced, and universal law. The UN, though an influential program, has no enforcement and no true coercive authority. The organization and money it takes to impose international law in 190 countries is substantial and nearly impossible without the collaboration of every country.
If these laws are to make a real difference, they must be timely. Speedy action is essential in the fight against climate change. The cooperation among nations is the second essential

component in this dispute. If countries do not effectively communicate and aid each other, this treaty will fail.
The diffusion of responsibility that naturally occurs in collective action may also limit global cooperation. On an international scale, the diffusion may be even more dispersed. To combat the natural tendencies of humans, they must get educated.
Education should be a top priority for the United Nations. If people understand the severity of climate change, they will be more willing to partake in limiting their environmental footprints. The treaty discussed many topics.…