Analytical Review on Wrecked Essay

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ENGL 1065
April 17, 2012
Analytical Review

Initial Personal Review

Wrecked was pretty different from any other movie I have seen, but very far from movie of the year. If it were not for the well known actor and 2003 Academy Award Winner for Best Actor, Adrien Brody, starring in this film, I doubt the movie would have even caught my eye. This film was released in April of 2011. Michael Greenspan, who is not known for any good quality films, was the director. Wrecked brought in an embarrassing $4,800 to the box office its first week which is when most movies make their big debut and bring in much more revenue.
The whole plot takes place in one environment, his car which is “wrecked” in the middle of nowhere in a ravine. About a fourth of a way into this film I pretty much had the whole movie pegged, and who Brody’s character was. The climax of the movie, I believe, was the last five or ten minutes when everything was actually revealed and I will get to that later. Adrien Brody, the main character, wakes up to being trapped in an extremely wrecked car with injuries from this face down to his broken leg that is stuck under the dash. He is very apprehensive as he tries to make out where he is at and what in the world is going on. Once he fully comes to he begins to check out his face in the rear view mirror, but his face is not the only one looking back at him. There is an unknown man, dead, in the backseat and Brody is very startled by this. But the man in the back seat is not the only one. He also notices another dead man lying on the ground behind the car. After being in the car for many hours and having much curiosity and time to think, he stills does not know his whereabouts nor does he know who he is. He is finally able to pry his leg out from under the dash and escape the trapping passenger seat that has held him down the whole time. As he crawls out of the car, a man on the radio (the only thing working on the car) begins to talk about a robbery and the men that were involved. The man mentions that they got away on an old silver Chevrolet which not coincidentally matches the description of the car he is crawling out of. Brody finds himself a four legged friend after being stranded in this ravine for days while scrounging for water and food to keep him alive. He shares what little pieces of food he does have with this dog. This is not the only living thing that he encounters though. A women comes to the car, before he was able to escape, and she gives him a sip of her water and some food which he indulges in as if he has never eaten before. This is the scenes that make me say he was very into his character. I really believed he had not eaten for days in real life. The lady explains that she will call for help, but suddenly she disappears. He was only hallucinating, unfortunately. This is not the only times he sees this women. She shows up a few more times, but the next was violent as she displayed anger towards Brody. Eventually he finds himself at the edge of a road where he discovers yet another dead man. He is confronted by a mountain lion or some animal of this sort that is very ferocious. Luckily he is able to escape the presence of this intimidating creature by rolling the dead man’s body to it and the lion takes the body and scurries away. The last eight minutes of the movie he uses a cell phone that he found on the man to call the police. He is rescued. He asks the sheriff to get his dog that he found in the forest. The sheriff looks and says “There is no dog.” This was merely just another one of his hallucinations. On the ride back to town he begins to recollect all of his thoughts one by one. He was kidnapped by a couple of men that were coming from robbing a store. The woman he kept seeing was a lady who witnessed this scene. As they are speeding away down a very curvy road Brody jerks the wheel which cause the car to drive off the ledge and this is how the ended up in the ravine. Brody then