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Marketing analysis
With KFC

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With the time past, a great number of people begin to accept and enjoy the fast food. According to the 2003 Technic Top 100 report, editor believed that there is no doubt that more and more fast food’s brand have been occurred.
KFC is one of the most famous fast food brands all over the world. According to the KFC Safe Food Policy White Paper (2004,P.2), its full name is ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘which was invented in the United States, pioneered by Colonel Harland Sanders. Now, KFC has grown to become one of the largest fast food brand, and set up their own quick service systems all over the world , with currently more than a billion "finger lick in' good". Kentucky Fried Chicken served more than 100 countries and territories annually.
As shown by the KFC Safe food Policy White Paper (2004,P.5), there were 3 points:
1 Consumer is the most basic requirements of food safety and hygiene. They will strictly comply with all health food, health regulations formulated by the Chinese government to ensure that all products KFC quality and procedures to achieve national health safety and health standards.
2 To establish good eating and living habits is to maintain and improve the health of the important part. KFC is committed to working knowledge of nutrition and health science, nutrition and health knowledge to inform consumers, including food structure, a balanced diet and regular exercise methods to help consumers establish healthy living ideas, improve their health capacity.
3 Healthy food tastes still need to consumer acceptance. KFC will continue to develop for Chinese tastes, nutritious and varied products, to provide consumers with more choices and guide them to moderate, balanced diet.
The bar chart below shows how the number of KFC and McDonald's changed between 2002 and 2007.
The amounts of KFC have risen substantially from 766 to 1971 since the beginning of 21st century in China, at the same time; the number of McDonald’s has climbed gradually from 538 to 812. It can be seen clearly that the amounts of KFC have more 218 stores than that of McDonald’s in 2002, the number of KFC have made almost twice as many stores as that of McDonald’s in 2007. KFC rapidly growing into a sign of fast food, got first in 'customer most patrons', a research released ACNielsen found in April 2000. As reported by the KFC Health Food Policy White Paper (2004,p.6), Su believed that Kentucky has been deeply rooted in China, forming a highly qualified team and a complete management system in the past 16 years. On the other hand, according to the 2009 KFC Annual Report (2009,p.13), there were 25 new stores per month; it is an explosion in population.
The graph below shows the differences with the amount of KFC between China and Brazil in KFC between 1983 and 2013.
In Brazil, the trend of amount of KFC was a roller-coaster ride. There was 14 KFC in there in 1970s, however, they was closed in the end of 1980s. For the simple reason that the main food of KFC is chicken. According to the Food In World Wide (2010,p.43), Brazilians prefer to enjoy beef; beef is the most important Brazilian traditional food.
In China, KFC localizes their products. The popular Chinese main food is rice. Many foods are invented which suitable for Chinese people tasty, such as you-tiao(Deep fried bread sticks), egg & pork congee, dragon twister and so on .It is well-known that you-tiao is made by light refreshments and pastry of great variety and meticulously and it have a long history in China. Officers usually choose that because it is easy to take. According to the KFC in China (2009,p.23) author believed that the inspiration with dragon twister is Beijing duck which is one of signs in Beijing. Regarding Beijing duck, it is know that the whole duck must be sliced into 120 pieces and