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Movies are a way that americas can find enjoyment, entainment, and sometime life lesson. Throught our my life I always loved Disney film and cartoons, on of my favorites that was released in 2010. The movie Tangled is a romantic family fun film, it is the story of Rapunzel or along the lines or the story.

It's the tale of the girl in the tower with the long, loooong hair. In this version, her hair has magical healing powers, gained from a flower that was brewed in a potion and given to her mother during childbirth to save her life. The powers transferred to the child - but then a wicked old woman (who had discovered and nurtured the flower until the king's men found it) stole the baby. Now the woman, Mother Gothel, uses the hair's
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(Boogs & Petrie, 2008)

In this class I have learned many things about movies and analyzing them. The book and other materials have taught me how to find the interpretation of the film and finding how to make an approach of it by watching, analying, and evaluating all of the movies meanings, themes, and a sufficient understanding of the films medium and the techniques of the filmmaking. As my own personal evaluation of this movie would be that it’s a fun romantic comedy, that may teach a lesson to a younger audience but unlikely to teach anything to an older audience but it was an enjoyable movie that I would watch over and over again. In this movie, Tangled, the meaning of it is to discover and fight for everything that you want no matter how long it takes and in the end you might be surprised what you find, as like Rapunzel, she wanted to see the floating lanterns that come out every year on her birthday and a special someone stubbles appon her to take her to see them and she find out that she is a missing princess that the lanterns are for. After all eightteen years spend in a tower she finally finds what make her happy and she also falls in love. The outcome of this movie is purely a happy ending and to a younger audience is it what children dream of and they want the same thing to happen to them.

The magically long- haired Rapunzel has enlighted the hearts of many and this film with the use of outstanding musical scores and a irrestiable theme,has brought