Analyzing Business Processes for an Enterprise System Essay

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1. Diagram the order process. What are the outputs of this process?

The ordering process begins with the decision of the customer to submit their order simply by either calling, faxing or mailing their order information. When a customer calls in their order, the customer service representatives takes down pertinent customer information, which includes the customer's name, billing and shipping address, product number and description, quantity and shipping instructions. While taking down the order, the customer service representative access the company's order entry system where inventory checks are conducted as well as credit checks are processed. In addition, delivery options are advised to the customer. Here the customer decides
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When companies are unable to deliver on time as requested, the company loses the reputation it has built for being able to deliver on time, etc. which then results in a loss of business, customers and profits. It should be a rule of thumb that all of the offsite warehouses be fully stocked of the most commonly used products or can utilize its computer systems and sales reports in order to transmit orders to restock products directly to the suppliers and/or distributors. With this process in place, the products will be able to be shipped in a timely manner and each offsite warehouse will have the product, without the scrambling of trying to find the product elsewhere.

Since business is ever-changing, the company constantly undergoes restructuring from time to time. This basically means that some employees move up while others move around.
A problem with the restructuring is that employees who have not been trained in the area that they have been newly place are open to errors. With different product numbers in different departments, the newly placed employee will have a harder time trying to locate requested products, which will them trickle down to the customer who may become irritated in the delay of service. The customer service representative, especially, is the first line of defense when it comes to