Teachers Should Capitalize, And Learned Knowledge Of Subject Matter In Classroom

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Teachers should capitalize and enhance first what the students already know by allowing students to formulate a discussion outline of previous learned knowledge of subject matter in small groups. A group leader form each group is selected to produce that group’s outline for discussion. This is repeated until all groups have completed this process with a finished outline for the entire class to use as a forum for discussion. This is a good example for teachers to use as a building block and tool to support an inclusive and fair classroom community. This strategy will help promote the expansion of learning new materials for all students and build a trusting relationship with the teacher and their peers. The problem …show more content…
The question that needs to be pointed out or asked is “why Ms. Phung teaches the way the way does? Why isn’t she taking the time out to get her students involved in the learning process by standing in front of the class and get the students engaged in their learning? Maybe Ms. Plung believes that this is the only way she feels that she can teach her students to learn or maybe she just lost her way of teaching. It could be that is the way every teacher in the building is teaching as Ms. Phung and she is just following protocol.
How did this situation come all about? This situation came about from the lack of leadership and care from the teacher or from the School administrators. Who are monitoring the classrooms? Who are setting the standards for teaching within the district? All of these questions need to be addressed by the board and parent groups. If the teacher was engaging and grasped the attention of students, I do not believe that Jeff would have responded the way he did. After reviewing the video, I took the same position as Jeff. I understand where he is coming from and I can relate to his outcry because I had many teachers in high school that taught like Ms. Phung and were there for a paycheck and really didn’t teach their students. Just like Ms. Phung my teachers gave me packets to do or we just seat in class taking notes from the board or movie. Like Jeff I would have become frustrated but unlike him I said nothing. I needed for a teacher to