Analyzing Mary Surratt's Guilty

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Mary Surratt guilty I think Mary Surratt is guilty. I think Mary Surratt is guilty because she helped in the conspiracy so she had to have something against Lincoln. In, “Mary Surratt to the Gallows,”says her son, John Jr. was a known confederate spy.This means that Mary was a confederate and wanted slaves, Lincoln didn’t.In “Mary Surratt to the Gallows” states Mary’s son was a close friend of Booths, the man that killed Lincoln. This means that Mary should have known, her son should have told her. Mary gave Loyd weapons so he could “kidnap” Lincoln. In the text “Mary Surratt to the Gallows” says Loyd was told to make haste, grab the guns and go. This means that they knew they were doing something wrong and they didn’t want to get caught.