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Misfits * Darkly comic UK sci-fi drama * Offers a shrewd, exuberant, debunking of moral panics surrounding the UK ASBO generation as the characters are all imposed for petty offences E.g. Nathan stole some ‘pic n mix’. * Name of the show fits nicely as protagonists are misfits even before powers are discovered. * Orange suits are a key motif. They are intended as simultaneous devices of public shaming and alienation of individuality however instead they symbolise the developing bond between characters and are subtly personalised. E.g. Flirtatious Alisha cinches her suit with a belt, unzips it to reveal cleavage, pops the collar and rolls up the cuffs. * Dissonances reveal Misfits wants to romanticise young peoples’ struggle for belonging and respect. * At first the characters embodiment is of surly, cocky, delinquents antagonising each other and their probation worker. * Each youth acquires a different supernatural power. * Characters powers are both consequences and ironic reversals of their personalities and histories. * Stereotyped. * Unfurling friendships between 5 central characters. * Real Characters, Unreal Events * The often conflicting personalities and egos that make up such a diverse group creates the opportunity for some fantastic dialogue, as the characters struggle to make themselves heard during their forced interaction through community service. * As the show progresses, the audience see that the