Essay about Analyzing Nissan Ads

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Advertising Category/Name of the Brand Chosen:
I choose the category of automotive-cars, which we use everyday. Nissan is one of the most economic, popular, and practicability car brand in the World especially U.S. market. The good price high performance and low maintenance fee are the characteristics of the cars from Nissan. Nissan’s advertising shows the cars’ features very well.
Purpose of the Advertising:
The slogan of Nissan in U.S. is “Innovation that excites”, which is the main thinking advertising want to express. Different kinds of model each have the different advertising, which expresses different new or special characteristics of the cars to customers. All the characteristics will give viewers the thinking of making innovation that excites each year and make viewers trust and love the feeling shows in each advertising, like Nissan Sunny shows luxury, Nissan New Qashqai shows the ultimate urban experience, Nissan Pathfinder shows how safe and power is, and so on in 2014’s ads. Advertising will establish an environment to create an atmosphere to show the car’s feature. Nissan’s another nice advertising expression is the environment created always will be the common places related to people’s life, which can let viewers feel more real and easy to understand the features of the cars.
Creative Strategy/Brief:
About the creative approach, I think first of all the advertising should be easy to let viewers absorb with the content, which will help a lot with understanding the expression of it. Then the advertising needs to be made simple, believable, and present straightforward, which can let viewers catch the points when they finish the watching. Easy to memorizing is an important soul of an advertising, which can be the good method of increasing sales. How to achieve the three points I talk about before are the main problems the brand needs to address. We can easily to point the focus, but it is hard to solve them in each year on all the models with different channels.
To Nissan, the company wants to increase the sales and influence around the world each year, even the company wants to use the advertisings to let customers form the potential concept, like what Nissan cars mean, and if you want to get the more cost efficient solution on cars, Nissan will be the good choice.
I think the key consumer benefit from Nissan is consumers can get the fulfillment of their different cars through purchasing Nissan. Nissan has lots of models can meet different needs, which all have the high performance. Satisfaction from the service and the cars’ performance is what Nissan can also bring to consumers. Lower maintenance fee, high performance, saving gas and so on are all Nissan delivers.
There have some mandatories to the cars, like how many people can take each car, how weight can take with different car models, how often does the car need to do the inflection, and so on. All of them are helpful, cause these keep the high performance of car and provide the safe to consumers.
Toyota and Honda are the main competitors with Nissan. Let’s first talk about Toyota’s ads; actually, I don’t like its ads at all. First, Toyota has few TV commercial ads each year. The most important is I can’t find the features of the car directly from Toyota’s ads. After I viewed the ads, I’m still confusing with the car information, what I know is only the shape of the car, sometimes there having the money or guarantee of the car. But these are not the elements to let me decide choose the car or not. Otherwise, Nissan’s ads will be good to show the features of the car, which is important to consumers.
The most favorable advertisement of Honda is the Honda Hands advertisement in 2014, which shows Honda is the power of dreams. The advertisement let