The Effects Of Online Dating Websites

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Kelsey Battee
Professor Eugene Tashima
Sociology 101
15 September 2014

1. Statement of the Problem
The problem in this article is that women who use online dating websites have a bigger risk of getting stalked, bothered or possibly hurt compared to those who do not use online dating websites. Those women who do utilize online dating sites and do not take precautionary measures before getting involved with a stranger online are more at risk of being hurt or stalked than those women who use the dating website, but do take precautionary measures before involving themselves with a stranger off of the website.

2. Literature Review
Although women can be potentially in danger when they decide to start dating and meeting new people, it is more likely that a woman who is using an online dating service to be at risk. There are many reasons why this statement is true. The main reason is that when people are meeting over a website, it is easier to talk and get to know one another because you are not face to face and having to deal with that pressure.

3. Hypothesis
The main hypothesis of this article is that the women who use the dating websites, but do not take any safety precautions, such as: meeting in a public location, not giving out their address, telling a friend about the meeting, not giving out their phone number, or leaving or going home with a date, put themselves in a bigger risk than those women who do take safety precautions.

4. Methods used
A computer survey of randomly selected females, all from different parts of the world who used three popular dating websites took place over the span of a month. 154 women participated in the survey and were divided in groups depending on their age. They were asked multiple questions, all relating to the usage of dating websites.

5. Data Analysis
The participants were all asked a series of questions and the results were all summarized in multiple tables. The questions were: