Analyzing The Argumentative Essay 'I Belong Here'

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The Argumentative essay requires the writer to investigate a specific topic. The writer must evaluate and analyze the topic at hand so that they can establish a position on the matter. In this paper, the argumentative essay topic will be “I Belong Here” written by Amin Ahmad. Some of the information that will be analyzed includes who is the author, why is this important, what claim is the author making, how does the author support the claim, and if the essay is an effective argument. The author, Amin Ahmad, is an immigrant of Indian descent, living in Boston, Massachusetts. The author’s racial background is important because the story was based on his own view as an immigrant traveler, the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a foreigner in an unknown country. He was foreigner traveling to the United Kingdom with his American fiancé when he was stopped for an immigration check. As he was waiting to be cleared through customs he sits by a Bangladeshi family, who was also stopped for an immigration check, as he awaits a feeling of solidarity with the Bangladeshi family settle in. Based on their racial appearance and past history of violence associated with that appearance, potential traffickers and terrorist are single out …show more content…
He notices other Caucasians travelers being cleared with no hassle or summon for an immigration check. “Sitting on the hard wooden bench, I watch each white person clear immigration in seconds and am filled with hopelessness” (Ahmad 38). Many past acts of violence and terrorism done by foreign travelers have made it difficult for other foreigners to travel; For example The 911 terrorist attack, Boston Bombing and many more attacks made by foreigners. According to USNEWS.COM terrorist /hate crimes have increased since the 2011 terror attacks, which 47% is racially motivated, But The claim the Author is making is based on his life as an immigrant