Analyzing a Job Essay

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Analyzing a Job
MGT 531
August 27,2012

Analyzing a Job
TO: ExpressJet Hiring Managers
FROM: G. Redd Department of Flight Operations Third Floor

DATE: August 27, 2012
SUBJECT: Identifying the requirements needed to fulfill crew scheduling gap Understanding responsibilities of a position is the sole responsibility of the human resources department to obtain and have a basic understanding of what the functions of the position is. This memo identifies responsibility for the crew scheduling position. Defining certain attributes for the position such as position details, duties, performance requirements of the position, and knowledge and skills required. The memo will conclude with determining the organizational positioning of the opportunity and how the opportunity is consistent with ExpressJet’s strategic goals.
Scheduling has become increasingly dependent upon skilled multi-taskers, team players, effective listeners, analytical persons, and good problem solvers (thinking outside the box). This requirement has been the focus of a substantial effort over the past year. Unfortunately, with minimum pay, none friendly family schedules, and lack of communication this department is not functioning to its full capacity and is wearing on the few good employees, which in turn is causing an alarming high turnover rate (ExpressJet Airlines Inc., 2012).
Responsibilities for the position ➢ Ensuring flights operated by ExpressJet have proper crew compliment ➢ Flights operate in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulation, union agreements, and company policies ➢ Notifying crew members in a timely fashion of changes to his or her schedule ➢ Making adjustments to crew members schedule ➢ Perform other duties as assigned or required
➢ Passion: Without passion for scheduling simple mistakes are made ➢ Dedication: Making sure persons are able to dedicate themselves to completing a task ➢ Quick thinker: Person must be able to think on his or her feet ➢ Multi-taker: Must be able to perform multiple jobs at once ➢ Good Listener: Must be able to relay what crew member needs are ➢ Team Player: Must be able to work in a team setting ➢ Flexibility: Must be able to work vary shifts and mandatory overtime ➢ Quick Learner: Must be able to quickly learn new skills and retain information
➢ Able to understand the 24-hour clock ➢ Arrange, revise and cancel crew member hotel and travel (deadheads) ➢ Work under pressure and in a high stress environment ➢ Work vary rotating shifts including overnights, holidays, and weekends ➢ Must be willing to work mandatory overtime ➢ Speak clearly over the telephone and convey messages clearly to other schedulers ➢ Memorize computer entry codes ➢ Memorize codes for all city and countries the company operates to ➢ Able to speak, write, and read English fluently ➢ Able to organize information in accordance with company policy
Performance Requirements ➢ Communicate with OCC duty manager with delay and possible cancelations ➢ Must be able to keep 98% of not notified list down from missed calls ➢ Must be able take continuing education of scheduling changes ➢ Must be able to…