Analyzing a Job Aflac Essay

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Analyzing a Job Aflac

Analyzing a Jobs

Determining how to create a new position within the business is commonly on the basis of overload for employee’s job functions or duties. Managers must recognize as times change the job functions change to meet new demands of job functions and duties. Recognizing the overload of duties and functions a manager may decide to split the one job into two thus, creating a new job position. Also managers must meet productivity measures. If the company is in need of meeting demands or increasing sales a new position may be needed to meet these demands. When a company such as Aflac needs associates to represent its company one would assume that either the company is in need of increasing its sales force in the community because of an increase in demand for insurance or the company must hire new faces to help promote on account of a decline in sales.

When companies desire to hire during times of economic recession one may believe this company is expecting an increase of demand as a result of economic growth. “Fortune 500 companies had a $2 trillion hoard of cash as end-2010” (Bayer, 2010, p. 62). “Consumer demand growth is slack, unemployment remains high, and the housing market is flat” (Bayer, 2010, p. 62). Bayer states, “No corporate executive is going to invest into new capacity, spend much on R&D, or hire new employees” (Bayer, 2010, p. 62). The problem is stimulating the demand will not do much for creating or increasing the supply. This may suggest Aflac is hiring to bring awareness of the company and its policies to the community.

Outlining a Position

“Job title

Type of employment (full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, etc.)

Brief description of your organization, its mission or purpose

Descriptin of the position including an outline of the essential duties and responsibilities

Required and preferred qualifications

Salary and benefits (specify the starting salary or salary range, or indicate the salary is dependent on experience/education)

Supervising authority (Director of Communications, Manager of Finance, etc.)

Application deadline

Anticipated start date

Requirements for application (i.e. only those selected for an interview will be contacted, no phone calls, etc.)” (CCVO, 2005-2012).

These basic considerations outline a job description and allow the incumbent to gain an understanding of what is expected from the employer. However, as strategies go the best way to outline a job description is to include information about the company, benefits, and compensation. This eliminates surprises to employees of compensation which can result in high turnover. Benefits and other information about the company allow the company to gain potential customers as well as incumbents. Through insight about the company and the benefits it provides the employees and management the public gains a trust in the company. This trust allows the company to withstand economic trials, bad publicity, and in turn increases the company value.

Position Details

“About the Position:

• Benefits consulting role providing the opportunity to use your social and business networking skills to help CEOs, business owners, and HR managers determine which programs suit their employees best

• Educating decision-makers about the programs and products Aflac offers and customizing Aflac programs to meet their employees’ needs

This is more than a sales position; it’s a career. A career that affords flexibility, and provides work-life balance and the achievable financial security you have always dreamed about. Our successful team members have a competitive attitude; possess