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Analyzing a Web Page
The writer of this paper chose the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to evaluate. On this website it states its mission towards helping the American people. According to “United States Department of Health and Human Services” (n.d) “The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services is to help provide the building blocks that Americans need to live healthy, successful lives”(para. 1). On the website there is information on healthcare, how to stamp out bullies, on jobs, funding for businesses, diseases and much more. With just a click of a button one can access a wide variety of information on this website.
After reviewing the information on how to analyze a web page, this reader found there is more than meets the eye when gazing upon a web page. According to the Reference Department Wolfgram Memorial Library Widner University, there are four major ways to accurately analyze a website to ensure the information given is authentic and credible. In order to be reliable the website must contain these four criteria’s, authority, accuracy, currency and objectivity.
Authority- the website should clearly post the person or persons responsible for providing information on the website. This information should consist of the name of the person/persons, group and some sort of information where the person can be contacted. However, on the website I chose there is no name but it does have information on the agency such as name, address, and fax and phone numbers. There is also copyright information stated at the bottom or the webpage.
Accuracy- ensures the information is factual and the sources listed are accurate as well. This information includes dates, ensuring the information is first hand and comes from a reliable as well as respectable source. Checking for spelling errors will also ensure the website is created by professionals. While navigating through HHS website it was clear that the information provided was done by professionals as one would find it an easy read and the information could be obtained with no problems.
Currency- helps us to check the timeline and dates of the information given. Currency is essential piece of information because without the current date and or time of the information no one will really know if the information is recent or not. The website chosen for this assignment displays what seem to be recent dates and appears to be updated regularly.
Objectivity- helps to determine whether or not the website is reputable by presenting non biased information. It is also fair, reasonable and balanced, while not displaying partial truths in order to promote its personal product. HHS website is generally used for informational purposes; it is also used to help educate those in need of services such as health, vaccines, disease prevention and control. None of the information presented seems biased. The information presented on the HHS website is backed by dates, facts, and even timelines, such as those with natural disasters. This website