Methamphetamine Abuse And Factory: The Child Welfare Response

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Annotated Bibliography BSHS/302 January, 23 2012 Sharon Crudup

Annotated Bibliography Melinda Holman, Rhonda Oliver, and Wendy Wright. Methamphetamine abuse and Methamphetamine abuse and manufacture: the child welfare response.” Social work 49.3 (2004): 373 + General onefile. Web. 15 Jan. 2012. This is a peer review of an article that briefly explains the important effects and danger of the drug Methamphetamine in how it has taken control of the society. It states how seriously, and how bad it have been a big concern regarding to our children expose to this drug as well as families to the point of effecting their lives. It briefly explain the role of human services getting involve to protect the children, because of health issues that can arise prior to being expose to this deadly drug. It also states clearly about the danger of children living in a methamphetamine home with a built in laboratory becoming immediately exposed to Meth. regarding chemical contamination, and other hazardous issues that can occur. Nybell Lynn; Sylvia Sim Gray, Social Work 49.1 (Jan 2004): 17-26 http”// This article addresses in detail about how serious cultural competence is, in our society dealing with people from different ethnic background. It clearly gives an outline of information about working with individuals who may have a certain religion or has a certain way they celebrate their culture. It breaks down the way society must deal with individuals regardless of where they come from and the color of their skin. When people are in need of help, as a social worker whether you have your differences and point of view of how you think about someone, your job is to help every individual who are in need. Sometimes we forget to educate ourselves on how to deal with issues that can be harmful to