Anan: Iran and Strong Political Relationship Essay

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Causes of weak economy of Iran

Iran is a country in the Middle East, which is rich in resources such as oil and gas; even though, it is a rich country, it has a weak economy. In 1979, when Iranian Government completely had changed, the new government cut off their connection and relationship with many countries such as America because Iran Islamic regime believe that the West is its enemy, so its effected other countries which have strong political relationship with Unites States. From that time until now, Iran economy is increasingly weak. Iran political systems, the nuclear program, and the political boycotts are the major causes of weak economy of Iran.
Iran is an Islamic state since 1979, with religious tents added into the political system. Iran political relationships with Islamic countries, Arabic countries, are stronger than other countries; because of that, Iran’s exports and imports fell dramatically. Actually, Iran’s internal relations are caused the weak economy of the country. For example, Iran government doesn’t allow women go to street or school without scarf even people, who are coming to visit Iran, so because of this, the tourism is halted in Iran.
Another cause of the weak economy of Iran is the Iranian nuclear program. Actually, nuclear program was launched before revolution by Europe and American’s support because this program was for peace the world, but after the revolution, Iran Islamic Regime halted this program, and after 20 years, restarted for the nuclear activities. After that, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran is developing an atomic bomb. As a result, this news