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Alexis Boucher
Lab 7 Questions


2. The two main parts of the skin are the epidermis and the dermis. The specific tissue that makes up the hypodermis is adipose and loose connective tissue. The hypodermis is located at the deep part of the skin.

4. Keratin is such a unique protein because it creates nail and hoofs, and it is used as protection because it hardens.
5. The basic anatomy which is common to the hoof, horn, toenail, and claw is that they all are made of keratin and they all grow from the epeidermis, specifically the horny layer.
6. Scent glands are used for territory and mating / reproduction. And vibrissae are used for sense or “feel.”
7. The parts of the hoof that are involed with “Corns” is the sole of the hoof. If a horse has a shoe on his hoof, “Corns” is where there is a bruise on the sole of the hoof because a stone will be wedged in between, as a result causing inflamtation.

1. In the beginning when the tubes were freshly mix, the tubes were dark and a deep red, both the cow and the horses looking very similar. As time went on the cows blood started to separate faster than the horse looking more clear on the top, and a deep red at the bottom. The cows blood spereated faster when compared to the horses blood. The horses blood was more visceral.
1. A reason for the difference between the two species is that the horses blood is more visceral, sticky and thick when compared to the cows blood.
2. Eosinophi: one of field of view

Monocyte: one on field of view bigger

Neutrophile: 2 on field of view, smallerish

Basophil: 1 on field of view, big

Lymphocyte: 1 on field of view, big

3. The human blood was round, biconcave and had no nucleus when compared to the camels blood which was an oval shape. And the frogs blood had a nucleus and was small and oval.