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Alexis Gutierrez
Mr. Levings
17 September 2014
Tissue Essay
There are many parts and components that make up the human body. The smallest parts that make up all the parts of the body are tissues. A tissue is a group of similar cells from the same origin that all carry out the same function. The four main types of tissues that make up our body are muscle cells, nerve cells, connective tissue, and epithelial tissue. These cells all have different functions and they all work together to perform different tings inside of our body.
The first type of main tissue is muscle tissue. Muscle tissue has multiple types: smooth, skeletal muscle, and cardiac muscle. Smooth muscle is responsible for the contracting of hollow organs like blood vessels. If you look at smooth muscle under a microscope it looks like a diamond print pattern with little dots in the middle. Skeletal muscle represents the majority of all muscle tissue in the human body. Skeletal muscle powers the movement of the skeleton such as walking or lifting objects. If you look at skeletal muscle underneath a microscope it looks like a bunch of straight lines in a row with some empty spaces and some dark spots that are the nuclei. The last type of muscle is cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle is the muscle that makes up your heart and it allows the heart to contract and pump the blood throughout the body. Under a microscope, cardiac muscle looks like bamboo stems with dots all over it for the nuclei in the cells. Muscles are essential for the body to be able to move and the different types of muscles help our body carry out each specific type of movement.
The next type of tissue is the tissue that makes up the nerve cells. Nervous tissue is the main part of the nervous system and it regulates and controls the body’s activity and functions. These cells are mostly found in the brain and the spinal cord. It is composed of neurons that send and receive impulses that tell the body what to do. If you look at a nerve cell underneath a microscope it looks like a dark spot surrounded by branches that spill out in all directions. The cell continues down in a skinny line and leads to another area that branches out in all directions which is the synapse that sends out the signals.
Another main type of tissue is connective tissue. Connective tissue supports, connects, and separates different types of organs