Anatomy: Nervous System and Skeletal Tissues Ch Essays

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Halifax, Nova Scotia Biology 2205.01 Dr. Sheilagh Martin TTh 430545 pm Evaristus C207 Office Hours By Appointment Phone 457-5074 DESCRIPTION This is a general course on the structure and function of the human body. Lectures will introduce the general area to be studied, and supplementary reading may be undertaken to deepen the students knowledge of different topics. It is hoped that you will gain an awareness of and an appreciation for the marvellous organization of the human body. PREREQUISITES BIOL 1153 or Grade XII science, biology preferred and one unit of a 1000-level university course TOPICS Organization of the Body Orientation Ch1 Cells Ch 3 (selected parts) Tissues Ch 4 Covering, Support, Movement Integumentary System Ch 5 Bones Skeletal Tissues Ch 6 Skeleton Ch 7 (selected parts) Joints Ch 8 Muscles Ch 9 Muscular System Ch10 (selected parts) Regulation and Integration of the Body Fundamentals of the Nervous System - Ch11 Central Nervous System Ch 12 (selected parts) Peripheral Nervous System Ch 13 (selected parts) Autonomic Nervous System Ch14 Special Senses (Hearing) Ch 15 (selected parts) Endocrine System - Ch 16 TEXT Human Anatomy Physiology (9th edition 2013) - Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn EVALUATION In Class Quizzes -20 Term Test 1 - 25 October 2, 2014 Term Test 2 - 25 October 30, 2014 Term Test 3 (Final) - 30 December TBA, 2014 In Class Quiz 1 - September 23 In Class Quiz 2 - October 21 In Class Quiz 3 - November 20 OTHER 1. A make-up test will be required if a student, because of illness or other serious reason, (documentation must be provided) misses a Term Test. The make-up test must be written before the tests are returned to the class, usually within 3-5 days. There will be no make-ups for missed in-class quizzes. Should a student miss an in-class quiz because of illness or other serious reason, for which documentation has been provided, the subsequent term test will be weighted differently. The reason for the absence must be submitted within one week of the missed class. 2. Students requesting special consideration as a result