Essay about Anatomy: Prostate and Seminal Vesicle

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a. Male Reproductive i. Testes a. In the scrotum. b. An egg-shaped gland c. Are gonads (sex glands) d. Contain the seminiferous tubules, (tightly coiled tubules that produce spermatozoa. They have a head and a tail called a flagellum. e. Interstitial cells secrete the hormone testosterone (stimulates spermatozoa to mature, continuously released into the lumen of the seminiferous tubules and carried by fluid into the epididymis.) ii. Epididymis f. Coiled tube attached to the outer wall of each testis g. Destroys defective spermatozoa h. Becomes a large, uncoiled duct known as the vas deferens or ductus deferens iii. Vas Deferens i. Long duct that receives spermatozoa from the epididymis j. Sperm can be stored here k. Merges with a seminal vesicle iv. Seminal vesicle l. Are two elongated glands that from a V along the posterior wall of the urinary bladder m. Produce seminal fluid, which makes up most of the volume of semen. v. Ejaculatory duct n. Large collecting duct that holds spermatozoa from each vas deferens and seminal fluid from the seminal vesicles. o. Enters the prostate gland and then joins the prostatic urethra within the prostate gland vi. Prostate Gland p. Round gland at the base of the bladder q. Surrounds the first part of the urethra r. Produces prostatic fluid (milky substance that makes up some of the volume of semen. Contains an antibiotic substance that kills bacteria in the woman’s vagina. Also contains acid phosphatase, enzyme that breaks the deposit of semen apart and releases the spermatozoa in the woman’s vagina. vii. Bulbourethral glands s. Small glands located on either side of the urethra just below the prostate gland t. Produce thick mucus that makes up some of the volume of semen and neutralizes the acidity of any urine remaining in the urethra at the time of ejaculation viii. Urethra u. Leaves the prostate gland and passes through the length of the penis ix. Urethral meatus v. Located at the tip of the glans penis w. Uncircumcised males- meatus is covered by the prepuce or foreskin x. Serves as a passageway for semen and as a passageway for urine
2. Explain what happens during puberty i. Hormones released a. Pituitary gland in the…