Dr. C. 2401: Anatomy And Physiology Homework

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2401 : Anatomy/Physiology Homework 2
Fall 2012

Dr. C. Doumen


This is an Anatomy/Physiology homework. Therefore, you are expected to answer everything at the level of College Anatomy/Physiology. You will type all your answers in complete sentences. Only on a few places will you be instructed to draw things.

Read what is expected for each question. Since this is a word document, things will shift as you type things in. Part of your job is to create a nice finished work. At all times, it is your responsibility to align things properly and provide me with a nice looking result that is easy to read and well organized. You have all the resources available to answer questions correctly. This is homework and it requires for you to do the work by reading and doing the research. I cannot help you.

I will assign 20% of this particular grade to presentation and order. The rest will be dependent on your correctness, scientific logic and completeness of the assignment.

Assume that this presentation is part of a job application. The way you present this will reflect on how well you want the job. Your input and effort will be graded similarly and compared with the home-works from other students.

Note : 1. the font type to use is font 12, single spaced.
2. Each question is followed by name. Type your name in there and keep this at the top of each page. Each major question needs to start at a new page.
3. Anything penciled in or not typed is not acceptable (except for drawing aspect). It is a sign of last minute corrections. You work needs to be finished and polished two nights before you turn it in. That way you can and read it over again the night before it is due. Any corrections can thus be made 12 hrs before it is due, not 5 minutes before.

Turn this homework in stapled or with a paperclip.

DUE DATE : November 27, 2012

Sign Your name : ____________________________________

Question 1 Name :

Type in the following answers in complete sentences using correct English grammar. All of question 1 needs to fit onto this first page !

In the spinal cord, what specifically do we find in the following structures. Be as specific as you can using maximum 4 sentences for each. (use sentences)

a. The anterior gray horn :

b. The posterior gray horn :

c. The ascending spinal tracts (columns)

d. The descending spinal tracts (columns)

What causes the cervical enlargements of the spinal cord ? (use sentences)

In terms of function, how does the dorsal spinal root differ from the ventral spinal root ? (use sentences)

Question 2 Name :


Identify the following numbered arrows using correct terminology ! (correct word terminology is sufficient)

1 =





Using the image above, provide two visual anatomical cues that allows one to decide where the anterior side of the spinal cord is ! (Use sentences)

Question 3 Name :

What is the difference between a nerve and a tract ? ( use a few sentences).

In the figure below, DRAW the important spinal tracts that run up and down within the spinal cord. Make this CLEAN and clearly visible. Put the ascending tracts on the left side and the descending tract on the right side of the spinal cord. You can use different colors to indicate the ascending and descending tracts.

In your finished figure above, number the different ascending tracts from 1,2… and so on. Mark the decending tracts with A, B,C,.. and so on.

On the following page you will provide in clean sentences, and next to the corresponding number or letter, the name of each tract and the function of that specific tract. In other words, what information is being carried in these tracts ! Information for all of this can be found in your labmanual (page 176) AND textbook (page 503-512). There is no reason for this to be not complete.

All of the following needs to fit onto this page.