Essay on anaylising art work

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This is a square image painting of a twinning English tea bag. The tea bag is a fancier antique English tea bag compared to your everyday modern day use. The artist has placed the image in the centre, she has arranged it so you can see the tea bag and its label and lighting to its left. Joel Penkman has used different shades of colours to produce shades and contrast. For example using blue and white for the table shadow, she also uses colours like cobalt blue and Prussian blue to get that shadow effect instead of using black. Joel Penkman has used very calm and cool colour pallet, nothing vibrant or bright. When I look at this image I see afternoon tea; my mood says it’s calm, elegant and simplistic. I think the artist tries to get this across by placing a SINGLE tea bag in the centre on its own to show isolation. When I look at the modern tea bags I don’t really think of it as anything, I just pop it in my cup, pour hot water and never see it again. But when I go out for afternoon tea and receive tea bags that Joel Penkman has used in this image I like to take pictures to show my friends or to cherish because it’s part of the British culture and what makes Britain British its tea! As the society modernises the food we eat and what we drink also changes by intertwining with other cultures.
This Image is also like the Tea Bag image or like majority of Joel Penkmans art, the focus is in the centre. What I love about this image is the colour and shades! The brush strokes used make it look unrealistic but also so effective. The image is of 2 little sauce packets that are tend