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Date: 11/10 to 11/14, Monday-Friday week 11,
Monday - 11/10 - 1/2 day of reg classes, Harvest Festival
Tue 11/11 - No school - Vets day
Wed 11/12 - Ch 4 - vocab and g.o. completion
Thursday 11/13 - Called in sick
Friday - 11/14 - SEI Term 1 celebration
Grade/Class/Subject: 6th grade/Ancient Civilizations

Unit/Theme: Chapter 4 - The rise of city-states 
Standards: Anc. Civ. standard 1 (see board)
Common Core Standards SL.1+4:Prep for and participate in conversations and collaborations with partners, building on others' ideas and expressing own ideas clearly and persuasively. Present info, findings, and supporting evidence. W.8+9: Gather info from print and digital sources, integrate info. Draw evidence from literacy or info texts to supt analysis, reflection and research. R1: Read to make logical inferences from text

Content Objective(s): Monday - We will consider how villages rise to become city-states.
Tuesday - Veterans Day.
Wednesday - We discover 4 problems that Sumerians had and the solutions they came up with for those problesms.
Thursday - Called in sick. Continue to work on G.O. for chapter 4.
Friday - SEI end of term 1 celebration.

Language Objective(s): Mon - We will organize our ISN with handouts in Span and Eng. on p. 69-84
Tue - Vets day
Wed.- We will discuss the problems, their solutions and choose the best and write it in ISN.
Thursday - Called in sick - Read and continue to work on chapter 4.
Friday - SEI end of term 1 celebration. 

Key Vocabulary
complex, Mesopotamia, Tigris River, Euphrates River, Sumer, irrigation, levee, silt, city-state.
Supplementary Materials
Teacher created graphic organizer - 5 Wh guide for informational text
Ancient Civilizations Vocabulary supplement
C-E-R graphic organizer
Textbook/Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)
Teacher Created activities handouts 

Preparation Scaffolding Group